Trader Joe’s Gluten-Free Egg Pasta

If you have not tried it, you need to! I was visiting my daughter and stopped into Trader Joe’s to pick up groceries for dinner. We found the pasta in the fresh veggie section with the fresh pastas. It cooks in 3-4 minutes and tastes just like wheat pasta. It was so good we made … Continue reading

Wow … just wow!

So, giving up gluten has helped me lose 40 pounds. I feel better, the bloat is gone, and much of my pain has been eradicated. I stalled after just giving up gluten. I lost 30 pounds and stayed there for a year. I modified the rest of my diet by eating paleo. I did start … Continue reading

Eating Out

Eating out is the hardest for me. We do not eat out a lot, usually for a quick bite. You know, sandwiches, pizza, burgers. Not the same without the bun or yummy pizza crust. Wings are not the same out either. That being said, we recently went to a sports bar and I was able … Continue reading

It is still HARD!

Wow, being wheat free is HARD! Everywhere you look! It is in everything! And, I want it all! I crave it so badly! I am in forced exile right now. I am living on the eastern shore in a tiny apartment doing volunteer work in a historical society. There are no stores or markets. REALLY. … Continue reading

It is so hard!

Okay, no whining. However, six to seven bucks for a loaf of gluten free bread!? It is not worth it. Really, it is not. I am ready to go pasta free also because they just don’t present as well and why replace one gm-frankenfood for another. Corn. Remember THAT nasty Monsanto modified grain? So which … Continue reading


Found a gluten free bread that is pretty okay. Toasted, it I light. Made french toast and it held up well. Yippee! Posted from WordPress for Android