Wheat Free Me – My Adventures in Becoming Healthy

I am allergic to wheat, which is not the same as gluten free. It seems as though I have been for a long time and the diagnosis of over ten years ago of IBS is wrong and the diet was way wrong. The more whole grains I ate the worse it got because the grains included wheat, wheat berries, wheat germ, wheat, wheat, wheat!

So, this past week I had no wheat free pasta in the house and my daughter brought high protein whole wheat elbow macaroni from college. I did not think eating it once would make a big difference. WOW! WAS I WRONG!!!

I have spent the past three days with a bloated stomach and abdomen. In such pain I could not breathe fully! Misery! I had Alka Seltzer to allow me to burp – did not help or work! No burpage. I drank ginger ale with some burpage but still no real relief. Earl Gray tea helped some. I finally had to get a laxative to bring about relief. I did not have a huge amount of elbow mac. I had about a cup and one-half of cooked pasta  over two days.

Because of my distress I have decided to create a blog to journal the trials of leaving wheat behind and embracing a new way of cooking. This is revolutionary to me and my family because we REALLY like our wheat – in any form. Although we are not Italian, we eat a lot of Italian food. Love wheat products of all types. Cous cous is a favorite! My husband is German and he loves German whole grain breads. I am of French descent so giving up French breads and pastries may kill me! I am also a true southerner. If it is breaded, battered, fried, salted or sugared it is good!

Watch how I learn to use non-wheat flours to re-create all of the foods we love.


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