Pastariso Brown Rice Lasagna Pasta, 8 oz

Walmart is catching up with other retail outlets in the variety of gluten free and wheat free products. This is one I just found and tried out last night.

One issue I have with just about every gluten free product I have found is the size. 8 ounces gave me 9 strips of pasta with which to work and a couple where broken.

So, Pastariso. 8 ounces. 9 strips. Good thing I was making a small lasagna for only two people. This allowed me to make enough for 3 meals for 2 people (cut in six pieces).

I followed their quick cook method located on the back of the box. I boiled the water, added the pasta, cooked for 2 minuted, and soaked for 14 minutes. Using my pasta cooker I pulled the pasta from the water and let it drip as I finished prepping my pan. I gently pulled the pasta from the strainer to find the pasta overcooked. It was difficult to remove each piece without breakage. I think only 4 came out whole. I layered the pasta with my ingredients, I did not use extra sauce for fear of mushy pasta, and placed it in the oven for 45 minutes to finish. I sprinkled mozzarella over the top and continued to cook for 15 minutes to melt.

I then allowed it to set-up  while we set the table and eat our salads. When we cut and served the lasagna we found the noodles to be incredibly soft. I will try to use this one once more but cook it for half the time before putting it in the oven.

This seems to be an issue with rice pastas. The corn based pasta’s need extra time to cook and then will firm back up when cooled. The rice pasta generally stays soft and may even get softer when reheated.

We will continue to search for pre-made wheat free pastas before attempting to make them on my own.


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