It is still HARD!

Cinnamon Twist, Wolfe City, Texas

Cinnamon Twist, Wolfe City, Texas (Photo credit: gurdonark)

Wow, being wheat free is HARD! Everywhere you look! It is in everything!


I want it all! I crave it so badly! I am in forced exile right now. I am living on the eastern shore in a tiny apartment doing volunteer work in a historical society. There are no stores or markets. REALLY. No car. That is right. If it is over a mile I am not walking there, and well, the closest store with real food is like five miles from here.

So, once a week my hubby comes from the main land to see me and we go fill up on groceries. I get to eat wheat while he is here (sometimes). I indulged this weekend. I had a real fresh, still warm, cinnamon sugar covered crueller with a cup of coffee. WOW! I had a croissant. I had a beef barbeque on a roll. I had sourdough toast.

Monday, I will be bound, constipated and bloated. I will be in exile again. I will not indulge quite so heavily again because there won’t be a music festival and there won’t be the smoked beef brisket pulling on me. The donuts though…<sigh> the crueller was so good…and warm…not like a donut you will find in any regular donut shop. This was a doughnut. The real deal.

I will be good, but next weekend when my husband arrives, I want another one of those. It may be the last one I have for a very long time as I will be returning home next weekend.

But, I will return to a wheat free home. I can live without wheat. It is better for me.


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