Passover and the Days of Unleavened Bread – Gluten Free

First, let me be clear; I am not a practicing Jew. Although a part of my lineage is Levite, I am a practicing Christian … just not a run of the mill Christian. I have been called a Sabbatarian because I attend church on Saturday. Most think I am Jewish because I appear to follow the Jewish calendar, but I don’t, and because I follow the food laws in the bible, except that I don’t follow the rabbinical laws of kosher.

Now that I have totally confused you let me add a bit more. I follow the holy days listed in the Old Testament. In the spring I observe Passover services to honor Christ’s death. I observe the Days of Unleavened Bread that follow. The seven days commemorating Moses and the Israelites’ freedom from slavery. During those days I do not eat any leavened products. Leavening agents are used to provide lift to products, such as baking soda/powder, yeast, etc.

I won’t get into why we do it. Just, we do. During this time we eat unleavened bread (matzo) to commemorate the Israelites’ haste in leaving Egypt and not having time to allow the bread to rise and the body of Jesus. The problem? Eating gluten-free means no wheat products. Matzo is wheat and water. See the problem?

I went online to see if there were any pre-made gluten-free matzo. There are at least two manufacturers of pre-made cluten-free matzos. VERY expensive and I would have to order them. Not enough time and I did not want to pay the price. So we went to find out if any local store sold them. No luck.

We ended up purchasing unleavened rice crackers from Nabisco. They were adequate for the purpose. Next year I plan to make my own! Wish me luck.


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