Wow … just wow!

So, giving up gluten has helped me lose 40 pounds. I feel better, the bloat is gone, and much of my pain has been eradicated.

I stalled after just giving up gluten. I lost 30 pounds and stayed there for a year. I modified the rest of my diet by eating paleo. I did start the weight loss again but not much, a whole 5lbs. Any time I ate off diet I bloated and gained up to 10lbs.

This summer I decided tolisted to my doctors and give ketogenics a try. I decided on The 30 Day Ketogenic Cleanse by Maria Emmerich. Since them we have not only dropped a few pounds we also lost the belly bloat and a boatload of pain has disappeared. Originally, I started out about 215 at 5’5″ tall. I am now down to 170 and my goal is 135. My husband has lost about 18lbs since July 15th.

We plan to use the cleanse diet until we reprogram ourselves. Unfortunately, we have had a few interruptions this summer and it has taken us off diet. So, today we begin again!


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